Sunday, September 28, 2014

Here we go again !!!

On August 11th 2014 I had an annual PET/CT-scan.  This time the Radiology Report cites a lot of tiny things happening. It concludes:  1) No convincing evidence of local recurrence within the right lower quadrant or retroperitoneum. 2) blah blah blah..............  The upshot is they suggested a biopsy of one slightly enlarged and very slightly "hot" node in my left side. 

Consulting with my new Oncologist, he appeared to be rather new to the staff, he put in a request to have the biopsy done in my local Durango hospital as a convenience to me. Sounded good to me. The Durango service is not VA, so requires a coordination between the Albuquerque external services coordination service and Durango radiology.  RED FLAG !!!

From August 12 till today September 28th,  no biopsy was scheduled in Durango.  I encountered remarkable bureaucratic indifference and worse when I tried to follow the process. First there was a person in ABQ who seemed to drop the ball. Then I found a pro-active person in ABQ who tried to push the request through to Durango.  I called Durango Radiology and was told that 1) they hadn't received the package and 2) the Radiologist would have to review and approve before could call and schedule.  While on vacation I located and called people in both ABQ and Durango and after RE-SENDING package and blah, blah, blah....the ABQ person left a message that she got everything squared away and that the person in Durango would call me when ready. (and to call her if she didn't call). ........... 4 days later...........the Durango person never called me ..... I could not reach the Albuquerque person.  Nothing got biopsy.

I have a meeting with the Oncologist in Albuquerque on Tuesday "to review the results of the biopsy."  I will file a complaint at the VA on Monday and then meet with the Oncologist to reschedule the biopsy IN ALBUQUERQUE ASAP !!!

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